Hey Dom

How are you doing? It’s hard to believe you have made it this far.

Did you get healthy or are you still saying it will be tomorrow?

Life is complicated. Did you challenge and choose the right battles?

Did you travel to countries and meet people from all walks of life to expand your understanding of the how the world works.

How have you been creative? Did you build software and tools for the benefit of society and collaborate based on impact.

I would love financial independence so to focus on the outcomes rather than the income.

Are you seen as a leader as the potential of the use of technology in healthcare, did you author a book on the future of technology in health? Where has Artificial Intelligence got have we found a utopian possibility for the world?

My frustrations with the status quo will erode my energy for changing and disrupting the thinking so we can build a health system on the basis of caring. Did you find a way to manage this?

Focus less energy on the mini-celebrities and celebrating those that choose the harder professions of looking after the sick and dying.

Future Dom from the year 2027

Video on some of my thoughts


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